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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Latest on the Deer Feeding Issue

From the website, My San

The city of Hollywood Park has worked up an initial list of acceptable food that residents may feed a specific number of deer on their own property.  An amended deer management ordinance, approved by City Council last month, is now in effect.  Council on Sept. 7 reviewed a preliminary, limited list, recommended by Councilman David Swan, of acceptable supplemental food.  The list includes apples, pears, figs, pumpkins, turnips, alfalfa, oats, wheat and sunflower seeds.  The list suggests protein deer pellets for supplemental protein.  The list is being made available to residents via such outlets as the city website,

A newly formed deer committee, made up of two residents appointed by each council member, will help advise the city on local deer-related matters such as suggestions of acceptable supplemental deer food. 
“We're micromanaging something that doesn't need micromanaging. We have so much more to worry about in (Hollywood Park) than what to feed the deer,” said Councilwoman Ellen Alkire.

Councilman Gary Miller expressed concern about residents' willingness to turn to what he called “high-dollar alternatives” on the feed list, such as oats and wheat.  “The idea here is that people going to a store could pick up these things for themselves first,” Swan responded.  Swan added that people who buy any of this food might have leftovers, which they could leave out in single-serving portions. 

A resident may feed up to a four deer at a time on his or her property.  Neither hand-feeding nor commercial feed stations are allowed.  According to city officials, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department urges residents not to leave out any food with beef by-products, such as cat or dog food.