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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Can't Sell My Home During the Holidays, Can I?

Every year we meet with folks who want to sell their home, but feel they need to wait until January to put it on the market.  "I can't sell my home during the holidays, can I?"  The answer is YES!  While there are fewer buyers during the holiday season, the ones who are out there looking are more serious buyers, otherwise they'd be shopping, decorating, etc.  So we tell sellers that you can expect fewer showings, but showings that really count!

So, tips for selling your Hollywood Park home during this time of year?
  • Go ahead and put up your seasonal decorations.  It makes the house prettier!  Just do it in moderation so the buyers can see the home and not just the decorations.
  • It's a great time to have freshly baked cookies out for the buyers who do come into your home.  The aroma of baked cookies takes us back to pleasant childhood memories of home.
  • Keep the home warm so it is inviting to stay longer before going back out into the cold air.
  • Remember curb appeal and front door appeal!  Keep the walkway and porch swept, and a pretty wreath on the front door.
  • Yards are usually not very attractive this time of year, so don't forget some color, perhaps Christmas poinsettias in a pot near the front door.
  • Keep the curtains and blinds open, and turn on lots of lights prior to a showing since our December days are shorter, and sometimes grayer, and you want to make the house as bright as possible.
After all, what better present for a buyer than a new home, perhaps yours!  Don't wait, come January there will be a crowd of new listings!

New this year in Hollywood Park...
A new Christmas tradition sponsored by the Youth Club of the Alamo Arabian Horse Association, will be held from 2 - 4 pm on Saturday, Dec. 19th.  There will be a trail ride starting at City Hall and ending at our newly renovated Triangle Park.  Featured will be 12 to 15 horses, a trail wagon, caroling and a visit from Santa Claus.  Our city councilman, Tim McCallum said it was "something very 'Saturday Evening Post' about this for our little city."

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