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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Products to Improve Your Hollywood Park Home in 2010

From the real estate blog, Staged, Styled and Sold, comes 10 Hot Home Products for the New Year, by  Erica Christoffer who reviews 10 new items you might find useful in your Hollywood Park home this coming year.  I found three of those particularly interesting.

One2Flush Dual Flush Conversion Kit
"Saving water is as “easy as 1, 2…” with the brand new award-winning One2Flush toilet conversion kit. In about 20-minutes, you can quickly and easily turn a standard water-guzzling tank-type toilet into an eco-friendly, high-efficiency, water-saving dual flush model. University tests prove One2Flush — with its “half flush for liquids and full flush for solids” — reduces water use by more than 38 percent and can save an average family over 10 percent on monthly water bills. Fits all standard two-piece toilets, 1.6-gallon flush and up. Starts paying for itself immediately. Available nationwide at most hardware stores (Ace, True Value, Do-It-Best). For more information visit"

We all know how expensive water can be, and this sounds like a great way to save water, and therefore, to save money!

Aspect Peel and Stick Metal Wall Tile

"Create a designer kitchen “look” quickly, easily and affordably with new Aspect peel-and-stick 3-inch by 6-inch metal tiles. Offered in three popular brushed finishes (stainless, copper, and bronze) for dramatic and dazzling accents, whether a gleaming over-the-counter backsplash or an entire luxurious floor-to-ceiling wall. Aspect tiles adhere to any sub-surface (drywall, plaster, paneling, and old tiles) and are offered with horizontal or vertical graining. Gives kitchens and baths a fresh, new look. Box of eight tiles covers 1-square-foot and costs about $20. The only limitation is your imagination. Available at some Lowe’s stores or order online at"

This looks like a great product to use to update kitchen backsplashes that either have no tile or an older dated tile that you'd like to cover up.

INVISILED Low Profile Accent Lighting Tapes
"Create dramatic indirect lighting effects almost anywhere with strips of miniature LED lights. Spaced 1-inch apart, and placed on thin flexible strips only 1/8-inch thick and 7/16-inch wide, INVISILED by WAC Lighting offers five basic colors (white, amber, red, blue, and green). One- and 5-foot peel-and-stick or screw-mounted sections can be cut at every inch. New Palette system offers continuous red-green-blue changing colors with control for speed and brilliance. Aura system creates white “daylight” to amber “sunset” with variable control. Cost ranges $75 to $90 per foot. Plug-in drivers cost $60 to $120. Maximum spans from 25 feet to 40 feet. For information and retailers visit  or call 1-800-526-2588."

I can only imagine the uses for this new product!  In our older homes that are not blessed with a lot of natural light, this product could be especially valuable!


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